Pat Dorseys Yarn Indicator Kit

This is the ultimate yarn indicator kit. Included is enough yarn to last a few years, rubber bands, a Velcro fluffing tool and rigging instructions. Once you use this system, you''ll be hooked!  See the  video below to see how simple this indicator is to use.


Mark Olson 23-11-2020 16:37

I had used this kit many years ago. I tried if after reading one of Dorsey's books. I had, however, forgotten how well it worked.

I had switched, for some unknown reason, to the various "bobber-type" indicators for many years. The "bobber-type" indicators work but do not lend themselves, at times, to the gentlest of presentations. They will land with a discernible "plop;" if you add the "plop" from a weighted fly, you run the risk of spooking your quarry. In addition, some of the "bobber-type" indicators leave a crimp in your leader.

The Yarn Indicator, at least in my experience, facilitates a gentler presentation. As far as strike indication, they work equally as well as the "bobber-types." As with the "bobber-types," the Yarn Indicator can be quickly moved along the leader to adjust the depth of the fly. The Yarn Indicator does not, however, leave a kink in the line as do many "bobber-types."

The one advantage of the "bobber-type" strike indicators is that one doesn't need any extra equipment to attach them to the leader. One can loop the "bobber" onto the leader or, with some of the newer designs, attach them easily with a built-in clamp. With the Yarn Indicator kit, one needs a pair of scissors, floatant, and one of the little dental elastics. Quite frankly, though, we all have too much equipment in our vests; scissors and a dental elastic, in addition to the yarn, is not going to weigh one's vest down. The few extra minutes required to craft the indicator is certainly worth it when one considers the gentler presentation.

I highly recommend this item; it has worked well for me. I'm ecstatic that I've "rediscovered" it.

Harold S. 26-04-2020 14:05

It's easy to attach, easy to adjust for depth, floats well, and removes easily. It's so simple, I wish I would have thought of it.

Roy M. 06-03-2020 20:01

This is a really good indicator I love the way you can slide it up and down the line to where you want it really nice

Daniel E. 17-02-2020 13:02

This indicator system is amazing. Best way to nymph

Aaron B. 04-02-2020 23:58

Best indicator by far doesn’t slip like New Zealand indicator light on the water doesn’t spook the fish

Chris Hanson 10-04-2017 23:12

I've tried about every kind of fly fishing Indicator including the New Zealand Indicator but none of them live up to Pat Dorsey's Yard Indicator. I've been using it for two months now and because of it I catch more fish. It lands gently on the water and you can see the slightest of takes. In slow water when the take can is almost unnoticeable this Indicator is invaluable.

5 stars based on 6 reviews
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