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The Clear Cure Goo Thin comes in a 10ml Syringe and includes a tip and cape.

If you have ever tried to get that perfect poxy back look on a Copper John or Stonefly Nymph or scud, this is the product that will help you get it done with incredible ease.

The Clear Cure Goo Thin flows and levels nicely. If will penetrate materials like dubbing and feathers creating a very solid bond.

We love the entire product line of Clear Cure Goo and find the thin to be a must have for trout nymphs, scud and midges. If you have tied chironomids then you are familiar with trying to get depth and translucence in your patterns. With Clear Cure Goo Thin you will have it so easily you won't believe it.

As with all the Clear Cure Goo products you will need the Clear Cure Goo Curing Light. Recommended curing time 7-10 seconds.

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